Manure equipment day

Date: October 8th, 2020 10 am to 2 pm

Location: 21 Speltz Lane Oley PA 19547

Sponsoring Organization(s): Hoover Ag, Rosetree Consulting LLC



10-10:10 Introduction “Progression of Technology” on Hoover Farms

Presenter: Eric Hoover, HooverAg

Summary: Eric & Kevin Hoover joined the Hoover family’s dairy operation in the late 1990’s.  Since that time, the family has adopted no-till, manure storage, a manure management plan & soil conservation plan, drag line manure applications and 4R nutrient stewardship. In addition to the family dairy operation, Kevin operates AutoVent, a company specializing in dairy facility automation.  Eric Hoover operates HooverAg, an Ag manufacturing company, as well as Hoover Services, a manure application company specializing in dragline applications.


10:10-10:30 “Sorting out Pit Additives”

Presenter: Ken Grube, Homestead Nutrition

Summary: Manure storage additives can serve many functions, from managing solids composition, retaining nitrogen and reducing odor.  Ken’s presentation will focus on the more common uses for manure pit additives, the safe use of them, and the measurable outcomes that can be expected from the use of pit additives


10:30-11:30 “Nitrogen Loss Pathways”

Presenter: Eric Rosenbaum, Rosetree Consulting

Summary:  Manure nitrogen loss is a major economic & environmental concern for producers. This module explains the nitrogen loss pathways of leaching, volatilization, immobilization, denitrification, and runoff/erosion and discusses what practices can be implemented by farms to reduce nitrogen loss from occurring on their manured acres.  The presentation will also share some site specific information on the nitrogen savings attained through the use of low disturbance manure injection that will be demonstrated later in the day.


11:30-12 “The Dos and Don’ts of Drag Line Applications”

Presenter: Eric Hoover, HooverAg & Hoover Services

Summary:  Drag line manure application is a useful tool for reducing soil compaction influencing soil health, but the application process can pose logistical and safety risks.  Eric will discuss proper setup of dragline systems, pumping requirements, calculating application rates, and safe operating procedures.


12:00-1 pm Lunch


12:30-1pm “Recordkeeping Options”

Presenter: Eric Rosenbaum, Rosetree Consulting

Summary: This lunchtime presentation will cover recordkeeping requirements for manure applicators, as well as for CAO and CAFO operations.  It will also explore the use of cloud-based precision ag platforms such as Granular, Climate Fieldview and John Deere Operations Center as recordkeeping systems for manure applicators.


1:00-2:00 In Field Demonstrations

Presenter: Cedar Crest Equipment, Hoover Services

Summary: In a field adjacent to the building where the morning sessions will occur, Cedar Crest Equipment will demonstrate a vertical beater spreader for application of solid manure and low disturbance injection equipment for sub-surface application of liquid manure in a no-till system.  Hoover Services will demonstrate drag line applications.  There will be time for discussion and questions prior to and after each demonstration.