Manure Dragline Hose Reel

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Three Styles to suit your needs

Manure Hose Trailer

Trailer Hose Reel

Allows one person to roll and unroll using 2-way hydraulic controls while sitting in the cab.

Easily lay hose around obstacles while arch guard prevents hose from coming off reel.

Holds 1 mile of 6" hose and 3/4 mile of 8" hose.

3PT Manure hose Reel

3PT Hose Reel

2000' of 6" hose capacity.

Hose protector.

Domed sides for easy wrapping.

Skid Loader

Skid loader manure hose reel

1320' of 6" hose capacity.

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Hoover Ag Hose Reel Sell Sheet

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HOSE REELS FOR MANURE Dragline and Manure Pumping

A layflat manure hose is required for the application of liquid manure to a field. The ideal way to deploy, reel up, and move this hose is with a Hoover manure hose reel. These hose reels are available in several sizes, providing a choice of solutions for various sized farms or custom manure applicators.

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