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Inlet and outlet pressure matter for long pump life. Matching  engine HP,  head pressure and pump size saves fuel. 

We repair and make pump plumbing retrofits for most of the manure haulers in PA.

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Cornell Pumps
Cornell 81022MP

Cornell Manure pumping education

Using a dragline manure system instead of a traditional liquid manure tanker reduces field compaction. It takes less time to spread or inject the same amount of manure once set up.

 The improvement over trucks is most noticeable with large fields 1-5 miles away from the manure pit.

Note: Never pump sand laden manure without a pump designed for it. Sand wears regular pumps out within days.

The actual drag hose is 6 to 10  inches in diameter. Custom haulers normally use  “flat-lay” hoses because when the hose is not pressurized, it lays flat.

The manure drag hose should be considered consumable. Avoid dragline in frozen ground that has shale rocks. If small shale shards are frozen upright, your manure hose life is reduced to less than a season.

To take a Cornell manure pump and put in use, it takes pipe, elbows, valves, and a fabricator.

Hoover can take your engine and build a complete manure-pumping trailer with pig launchers, bypass valves, and remote smartphone controls.

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